Researcher in molecular parasitology of vector borne diseases
Dr. González Cerón is currently a researcher in Medical Sciences "E" at the Regional Research Centre on Public Health of the National Institute of Public Health, Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico. She earned her PhD at the Centre of Research and Advance Studies, IPN (1998) in Mexico D.F, and her MSc in Medical Parasitology at University of London (1991). Both degrees had support from the programme TDR-WHO/Geneva. Bachelors in Microbiology at the National School of Biological Sciences (ENCB), National Polytechnics Institute, IPN (1986). She has been a member of the SNI-CONACyT-Mexico since 1996.
Dr. González Cerón is author of 40 publications, of which 36 are refereed specialized journal articles, four book chapters and three outreach articles. She´s been a lecturer since 1993 and has participated in round-tables, symposiums and presented scientific work in more than 70 meetings. She has supervised 30 thesis; Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees.
Her research interest comprises the molecular parasitology of vector borne diseases with an emphasis in malaria: diagnostics and treatment, parasite - hosts interaction and transmission dynamics. More recently, the research has been extended to the study of molecular epidemiology and evolutionary genetics of Plasmodium vivax.

Session 7, 23th November: "Plasmodium vivax research in Mexico and its linkage to the elimination program"