This workshop will examine the complexity of managing emerging infectious diseases from identifying the agent and estimating risk and public health burden to developing tools and applying public health interventions for disease management and infection control. We will explore new opportunities for inter-disciplinary research, social finance mechanisms for disease management and models for improved policy and public engagement with a view to develop new projects and research partnerships between UoE, UNAM and workshop participants.
1. Establish a forum for development of multi-disciplinary approaches towards mitigating merging infection challenges.
2. Develop case studies around infection threats e.g. Zika; AMR; disease drivers emergence (climate change, demographic shifts; inequity and justice).
3. Investigate current knowledge on risk management for emerging infections e.g. policy and role of health.
4. Preparation of research concept notes on priority areas.
5. Identify sources of funding for networking; PhD scholarship; scientific exchange; ECR fellowships; collaborative awards.
6. Identify opportunities for dissemination of workshop outputs e.g. special journal issue covering our findings; joint review articles; or presentations at national and international meetings and fora.
7. Develop a concordat amongst participants to promote interdisciplinary research approaches amongst our wider network of partners.
The proposed workshop will be implemented through a series of lectures and seminars, with the majority of time allocated to break out sessions and feedback (see proposed schedule). The joint co-ordinators and mentors will lead the preparation of written keynote contributions addressing the major topics, prior to the workshop, to promote in depth discussions. This will give the early career researchers the stimulus to generate innovative research ideas and to build up new networks to support them and promote research engagement.