Strategies for predicting and preventing the emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases.


The burden of emerging and re-emerging of specific infectious disease, their prediction and prevention and necessities for filling research gaps.

  • The burden of emerging and re-emerging infectious disease (diseases specific)
  • Predicting and prevention of emerging infections (impacts of environmental change; epidemiological surveillance)
  • Fillling research gaps to deliver SDGs

AMRDxC activities for ECRs:

·     Creativity/ Project development and preparation for presentation


Dr. Raoul Fournier Main Lecture Hall



One strategy for active participation of assistants to the workshop is the presentation of their research or studies related with the topic of the workshop. The abstract and its corresponden poster will be presented in english language. They have to present their poster under specific format as dimensions (90 cm x 90 cm), as a previous submission of their abstract during their registration (350 words that includes title, authors, institutional address and email contact) and final decision of the academic committee after the abstract evaluation and classification under the selected topic. The deadline of the abstract submission will be in October 23th.