Workshop UK-Mexico

Mitigating Emerging Infectious Challenges for Public Segurity and Justice

January 9-13


[ 10 JANUARY ]
[ 11 JANUARY ]
[ 12 JANUARY ]
[ 13 JANUARY ]

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Universidad Autonoma Nacional de Mexico


The National Autonomous University of Mexico has played a leading role in the history and formation of our country. The substantive tasks of this public, autonomous and secular institution are teaching, research and dissemination of culture. In the academic world it is recognized as a university of excellence. The UNAM responds to the present and looks to the future as the most important cultural project in Mexico. The UNAM is a space of freedoms. In it, respect, tolerance and dialogue are practiced on a daily basis. The plurality of ideas and thought is appreciated as a sign of wealth and never as a factor of weakness.




Following the Scottish Enlightenment of the 18th century, the University was positioned at the forefront of academia and critical thinking. Due to the determination and perseverance of a group of Edinburgh intellectuals, established facts about the world were being boldly and consistently challenged. Amid this group was David Hume, philosopher, economist and essayist known for his philosophical skepticism and empiricism; Joseph Black, the chemist behind the discovery of latent heat and carbon dioxide; and James Hutton, the "Father of Modern Geology".


La Facultad de Medicina

School of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine as part of the National Autonomous University of Mexico Is a public institution dedicated to training professionals who are leaders in the health sciences, Highly qualified, able to generate research and disseminate knowledge. Its programs are student-centered, promote self-regulated learning And ongoing updating with emphasis on ethical conduct, professionalism And commitment to Mexican society.
The Faculty of Medicine will exercise the intellectual and technological leadership in the health sciences At the national and international levels, through innovative education and research Applied to the welfare of the human being.



One strategy for active participation of assistants to the workshop is the presentation of their research or studies related with the topic of the workshop. The abstract and its corresponden poster will be presented in english language. They have to present their poster under specific format as dimensions (90 cm x 90 cm), as a previous submission of their abstract during their registration (350 words that includes title, authors, institutional address and email contact) and final decision of the academic committee after the abstract evaluation and classification under the selected topic. The deadline of the abstract submission will be in October 23th.